Window Lintel Replacement.


Don’t let bad lintels ruin a good facade.

Lintel failure. It’s one of the most common, yet most problematic problems that can affect the condition and aesthetic of a building. Put simply, a lintel is a piece of steel that goes across the opening of a window and provides support to the masonry above it. At the lintels age, they have tendencies to rust and expand. As an effect, pressure is put within a wall and pushes surrounding bricks out of alignment.

What starts off a small crack in the brick and mortar can turn into a large separation if left unattended. For damage like this, we can replace rusting window lintels with galvanised and alloy lintels. The results are even, mess-free window lintels, free of cracks and gaps.


Goodbye to tarnished windows.

So swap your old lintels for newly primed ones. Doing so will restore the look, feel and build of your property’s exterior. Not only will this prevent further splitting, but it will give your window areas the support they need before the fractures expand to surrounding sections of your brickwork.

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