Concrete Cancer Repairs.


Not just a drawback on the outside.

Take a look at your building. If you see cracking, leakages, signs of moisture or reddish looking stains, there’s a chance that concrete cancer has developed. Spalling concrete happens as a result of water seeping in through inner steel. For older buildings on the Coast, salt water and poor construction add to the cause. It’s not always easy to detect signs of concrete cancer but there are some initial things that will point you in the right direction. If you pick up things like bubbling and erosion that seems to have a crystal-like appearance, the problems may well exist. The cure for this goes beyond a simple render or cover-up with a paint job. Outside the fact that it’s not the best thing to look at, loosened concrete can become a danger to people passing by and damage other parts of the property. Imagine the risks of a falling slab positioned above a busy walkway!


What is Concrete Cancer?

This damage occurs when the surface of the concrete is poorly finished and water is allowed to enter and seep through to the steel inside. The salt in the water then causes the steel to rust, the steel then expands and eventually causes the concrete to pop or flake off, thus the reason for the name Concrete Cancer.

This is a worldwide problem causing billions of dollars in losses to bridges and buildings every year. The term “Spall” literally means, flakes or fragments are ejected due to stress or impact. So as you can see, the detection, diagnosis and treatment of this problem requires a special expertise and immediate action to save the integrity of the structure.

If you live near the ocean your building is under constant attack by theses forces of nature.

concrete cancer repairs gold coast
concrete cancer repairs gold coast

Outstanding results for early detection.

If neglected, Concrete Cancer can be very difficult to mend. That’s why it’s best to have a building checked before allowing it to spread. As concrete cancer specialists, we’ve touched on timber decks, residential developments, pools and high-rise apartments. We’ll come to your neighbourhood to not only assess the visible signs of concrete cancer, but also dive deeper into the root cause of it. By going that step further, you get a solution that will both fix it in the moment and prevent it from happening later on.

We begin with a diligent scan of your location. While we take note of any indications of spalling, we evaluate the severity of the damage. Regardless of where it’s sitting, we can define a repair system, prepare any materials necessary and perform what needs to be done. Once the concrete cancer’s been addressed with the appropriate coatings and finishes, you’ll forget it was ever there in the first place.