Commercial Painting.


Trusted exterior commercial painters for Gold Coast and surrounding areas

Commercial painting requires much more manpower and planning than residential painting. Materials used for typical living spaces just won’t cut it for industrial projects and that’s where we come in. Whilst keeping the big picture in mind, our finished products always come with the finest attention to detail. Despite our involvement in major works, our approach to painting is meticulous. Doing things correctly the first time will ensure maximum performance.

We are currently using Taubmans Armour Wall Paint for developments by the Gold Coast. Compared to other types, it has a very thick membrane texture that is a little slower to apply. However, it will do it’s part in sticking it out through adverse weather conditions that come with oceanfronts. The Taubmans Coating System has been formulated for construction, providing a low-maintenance yet durable option for paint professionals.


Effective, unobtrusive service you can count on.

When large paint jobs are involved, we keep things flexible to suit your business hours. By basing the timeline around your schedule, projects get the sign of approval without causing too much disruption to your staff, residents or customers. Painting that’s strategically thought out should have minimal hold-ups (if any) to the way a business operates. This is very much how we tackle our process, meaning that things get done while you stay up and running. From low-rise buildings up to 5 storeys, apartment blocks, shopping centres, warehouses and offices. We’ll touch-up what’s flaking or peeling for a seamless result. We can also provide a complete colour makeover for a modern finish that’s relevant to today’s trends.

The techniques we use from preparing the surface to protecting the paint sit at a high industry standard, providing lasting results and minimal touch ups for years to come. From a quick consultation, we start mapping out a plan in the most logistical way that fits your hours. If that means we work around the clock on nights or weekends, that’s fine by us.