About Us.


From complete building makeovers and concrete cancer repairs to commercial paint jobs and anything in between, we’ve got you sorted.


At Boss Building Repairs, we’ve leveraged our knowledge across thousands of projects around Queensland and the rest of Australia. The following outline of our projects showcase just how diverse our services are.

  • Complete Building Makeovers
  • Concrete Cancer Repairs
  • Cement Rendering and Repairs
  • Rusty Steel Treatments
  • Carpentry Building Repairs 
  • Window Lintels Replacements and Repairs
  • Hand Rail Repairs (Steel and Alloy)
  • Bricklaying and Blocklaying repairs

We are always fine-tuning our methods as technologies and materials advance. This has allowed us to develop proven treatments systems for concrete cancers, repairs and steel works. Equipped with our own scaffolding which is suited up to 5 stories in height.


3,500+ of concrete and masonry repairs over the last 38 years

We are one of the leading building practitioners in the Gold Coast region and this has been achieved through our commitment to our clients and our ongoing efforts to stay on top of the game. We ensure that anything we touch has a seal of proficiency. Being skilled in undertaking a large selection of projects is one thing. Continuous training has added several layers to our solutions and this has enabled us to finish jobs with best practice for long term results. Our qualifications include:

  • Bridge Inspection License
  • Bricklaying/Block Laying License
  • Asbestos Removal License (Class B)
  • Builders Low Rise License
  • Painting and Decorating License
  • Scaffolding License

A $20 million public liability insurance, Queensland Work Cover and White Card ensures that
our completions are met securely and safely. In addition, a Bridge Inspection Certificate provides us with a keen eye to carry out visual inspections and identify defects before they become serious concerns.